About Me

Hi!  I’m Kristine, and I’m a single parent of an amazing little boy who is my world!

I’m also an educator who has spent the last…uh hum….20 something years investing in kids and their futures.  Currently, as a high school assistant prinipal, my main emphasis at work is in helping students with disabilities receive the help they need to be successful in school.  I LOVE what I do, am passionate about it, and will be sure to weave some of my experiences in this blog site for single parents who have children who learn differently and need some additional resources for their kiddos.

So…why have I decided to add blogging to my plate?  Well, during and after my divorce, I realized that there weren’t many positive resources for individuals going through that transition, and there especially weren’t many resources for Christian individuals who were experiencing a divorce and finding themselves in the role of a single parent.  So, here I am!  My whole goal is to provide a positive atmosphere and resources for single parents.  I want this to be a supportive place where single parents can come to try and find solutions, inspiration, and motivation for the single parent life!  You will find that there are some faith-based posts that I create to help encourage other believers in walking the single parent life in their faith.  If faith is not an interwoven factor in your life, please don’t let this be a turnoff to you!  I still think you’ll find plenty of valuable information here to inspire you in being the best single parent you can be for your kids!

What you won’t find here is negativity!  You will not find me speaking negatively or allowing others in the comments of my blog to speak in highly negative tones.  Our culture creates enough negativity about single parenting as it is and perpetuates a stereotype of what single parenting is like.  Since single parenting can often be overwhelming, creating an atmosphere of encouragement and problem solving within my blog is very important to me.  Don’t get me wrong…we’ll conquer some tough subjects and issues without rose colored glasses, and we’ll approach challenges realistically.  But, in the end, I want individuals to walk away after reading an article feeling like they may have a few possible solutions rather than someone just dumping more heaviness on what is already a difficult situation in some cases. Why?  Because this single mama don’t need drama!  (You knew I’d have to get that in there somewhere)

I’m so excited to share this journey with you!  Let’s do this single parenting thing together!